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African American Studies Major


The African American Studies major helps students achieve a critical understanding of the forms of knowledge, culture, and social organization that African-Americans have produced, and of the social conditions that have supported and constrained this work. Using interdisciplinary approaches as well as methods drawn from the traditional disciplines, the major exposes students to the ideas, institutions, movements, and practices that African-American peoples have used to survive and shape the modern world. The African American Studies curriculum promotes the critical faculties, cultural competencies, and historical sensibilities of its students, and thereby equips them for success in graduate school, professional school, and the workplace.

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African American Studies Minor

The Department of African American Studies awards a certificate to students who, in addition to meeting the requirements for a major, complete 18 credits in the African American Studies minor. This minor is designed for students interested in African American culture and the educational, social, political, and economic development of people of African descent in the United States. In particular, it provides students with the opportunity to explore the experiences of African Americans using theories and methods originating in the field. Students are made aware of the potential to apply such knowledge to the solution of social, political, and economic problems. The minor also promotes greater understanding of the relationship between African Americans and other ethnic groups.

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