Department ofAfrican American Studies

Samantha Reid

Graduating Class: May 2016
Major: Secondary Social Studies Education
Minors: African American Studies, History

Professional Bio

I decided to minor in African American studies because I have always had a passion to learn more about the history that is directly linked to my ancestry. I am continuously impressed by the strength African Americans had during the time of enslavement and how determined they were not to allow their bonded past hold their future hostage. Therefore, I decided to minor in AFAM because my passion to learn about black history exceeded the 28 days society and school districts have deemed appropriate to show homage to them.

I recently traveled to Ghana with an embedded study abroad program where we explored West African culture. While we were there, I visited Cape Coast Castle. It was an eerie experience to know that so many West Africans left the shores of Cape Coast completely oblivious to the oppressive force of slavery they would be subjected to in the New World. As an educator, I hope to share my traveling experiences with students to enhance their level of understanding. In this case, this experience will help when teaching about the Slave Trade. I have been nominated for the 2015-2016 Africana Research Center Scholar. In the fall of 2015 I will present my research on "Black Women: The History of their Stereotypes and the Relevance to Media and Government Policy."

Samantha Reid